Privacy Protect

Privacy Protect 1.0

Protect Your PC from Identity Theft. The complete Identity Theft Solution (See all)

Protect Your PC from Identity Theft With Privacy Protect - The only complete Identity Theft Solution Available. Someone may be stealing your Identity at this very moment! Protects Your Identity, Cleans Your PC, with many Advanced Features. Secure deletion beyond NSA and DoD Standards to Gutman 35 passes. Delete single files or entire directories or let Privacy Protect analyze and clean your entire pc for violations using the settings you select. Privacy Protect frees up valuable hard disk space. Scheduled cleaning, stealth mode, a number of hot keys including a boss hot key, cleaning system hot key, show/hide program hot key are just some of the features available. Over 200 plugins for major software programs including the following categories Anti Virus & Firewall, Emails, File Sharing, Multimedia, Microsoft Office. Scheduled updates including Major and Minor releases, and plugins. Supports Windows 98 - Windows Vista. Don't wait for Identity Theft to happen to you - Secure your PC with Privacy Protect today!

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